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Shopper Question of the Week: “Will I Get a W-2 For My Taxes?”

Shopper Question of the Week: “Will I Get a W-2 For My Taxes?”

January 07, 2010

You will not receive a Form W-2 from Beyond Hello, as mystery shoppers are not employees, they are independent contractors. Independent contractors are responsible for their own tax withholding and tax liability. Beyond Hello does not withhold any portion of shopper fees for taxes. (Please be aware that all mystery shopping earnings are taxable by the IRS.)

Although you won’t receive a Form W-2, if you earn over $600 from Beyond Hello in a single calendar year as an independent contractor, you will receive a Form 1099. These will be issued by January 31.

To ensure you receive your Form 1099 (if applicable) in a timely manner, it is your responsibility to keep your mailing address current on your Shopper Profile. Now is a good time to check!

If you’d like to submit a question for our “Shopper Question of the Week,” please click here to contact us.

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06:50 AM
So if my total payment has been over $600 but my reimbursement takes it way under that number (like around $200) shoud I expect a w2?

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