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Shopper Question of the Week: “What is IC Pro? Do I Need It?”

Shopper Question of the Week: “What is IC Pro? Do I Need It?”

September 29, 2010

IC Pro isn’t required, but it’s a good idea! Keep in mind that since all our mystery shoppers are independent contractors, IC Pro is appropriate for all our shoppers.
Here’s a little information about IC Pro status, which is being offered to mystery shoppers who shop for companies using the SASSIE software system (including Beyond Hello):

• IC Pro stands for Independent Contractor Professional
• IC Pro was developed to protect against proposed legislation that could jeopardize independent contractor status for mystery shoppers
• It is a way for shoppers to clearly “declare” that they are an independent contractor by filling out a special online form in accordance with the federal definition of an “independent contractor”
• IC Pro may increase your chances to be selected over another shopper who doesn’t have IC Pro status
• It is open only to shoppers who join JobSlinger (JobSlinger is a free website that lists all projects posted by participating mystery shopping providers who use the SASSIE system – “one stop” viewing for your convenience)
• Shoppers do NOT have to join JobSlinger Plus (which has more bells and whistles than the regular JobSlinger membership, but is not free)
• Shoppers access IC Pro from their JobSlinger or JobSlinger Plus account
• Shoppers fill out an online form
o The more sections filled out, the higher the IC Pro score (minimum 40%, up to 100%)
o To achieve the minimum 40%, the shopper must complete the “W-9” section of the form related to “business” statistics
o Other sections on the form can be filled out to increase the IC Pro rating, but are not required
We encourage shoppers to get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS (easy to do!) which can be then be used instead of their personal Social Security Number (this is true whether or not a shopper decides to “go” IC Pro)
o Note: The JobSlinger account must be activated with each applicable mystery shopping provider using the “Connections” link on the shopper’s JobSlinger home page
• Once a shopper has achieved IC Pro status and activated connections, an icon will display in their profile (similar to the MSPA Certification icon), so schedulers will immediately see it and recognize your status

For additional information, please check the IC Pro FAQs on the JobSlinger website.

If you’d like to submit a question for our “Shopper Question of the Week,” please click here to contact us.

Reader Comments

Tampa DUI Lawyer
09:43 AM
Interesting. I believe the IC Pro is available for all independant contractors. Anything that helps an IC cover theirselves while providing services is helpful and useful.

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