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Our People

Just because we're a secret shopping company doesn't mean we want to remain a mystery to you! Over the years we've enjoyed getting to know our dynamic and unique mystery shopping clients, and with each new partnership we form lasting bonds.

We want you to get to know us too! Not just as "that fantastic mystery shopping company in Madison, Wisconsin," but as the eclectic group of individuals who make Beyond Hello the company you've come to trust and rely on.


Our Origins

Somewhere in their formative years as professionals, between the "Big Apple" and the "Emerald City," principals Gary Godding and Christopher Warzynski dreamed up an idea to start a company that would help businesses improve their customers' experience through cost-effective, user-friendly service measurements.

Returning to their roots in Madison, Wisconsin, a city endearingly known as the "Berkeley of the Midwest," Gary and Christopher first hung out their shingle in 1991 as the Secret Shopper Network. Wanting to place greater emphasis on customer interaction and selling behaviors, they later renamed the company Beyond Hello Inc. and grew the business from a two-man operation to the thriving company it is today.

Executive Management

Beyond Hello is infused with the dynamic and quirky personalities of Gary and Christopher. They set the tone for their company by paying strict attention to ethical business practices, encouraging direct and open communication, and insisting upon fun and humor in the workplace.

The unique hands-on management style and personal attention to every program is highly appreciated by clients, who have become the company's most effective means of marketing. Gary and Christopher are committed to investing effort not only in furthering the success of their own organization, but in advancing the interests of the mystery shopping industry.

Without a doubt, in all areas of the business, Gary and Christopher go "above and Beyond Hello."


Gary Godding - President

In his leadership role at Beyond Hello, one of Gary’s strengths is his ability to really listen – to clients, to employees, to colleagues – and successfully identify, understand, and respond to the critical aspects of each interaction.

His belief that “no detail is too small” and his attention to the finer points of every project sets a high standard of performance throughout the organization and sets Beyond Hello apart from the competition.

Gary holds a B.A. in psychology/social work and draws on his extensive background in the field, along with experience in banking, corporate incentive travel, and customer service.

“Creative” best describes Gary.


Christopher Warzynski - Vice-President

Always seeking a better method, system, or process, Christopher doesn’t believe in “business as usual.” Preferring to initiate a trend rather than follow one, he encourages continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Christopher’s background in international business, training, retail, and human services coalesced when he founded Beyond Hello. As a long-term active member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), he has presented at industry chapters in Asia Pacific and Europe and has served on the board in various capacities as Treasurer, Vice President, President, and member of the Global Council.

“Innovative” best describes Christopher.


Romare de Bear - Activities Director

Unquestionably a force to be reckoned with, Romare brings a refreshing playful energy to the corporate office. Not without his serious side though, Romare is exceptionally proud of earning his Canine Good Citizen Certificate, thus indicating his continued commitment to positive social networking.

“Spirited” best describes Romare.

Operations Support

Covering a wide range of responsibilities, the Operations Support team shares a common goal of keeping the business running effectively and efficiently. On any given day this can take the form of client assistance, project management, program research and development, and providing staff support. Whether partnering with clients or coworkers, the key to successful results lies in clear communication and forming collaborative relationships.


Diane Anderson - Accounting Services Specialist

A great aptitude for “numbers” propelled our CPA, Diane, into the accounting field immediately after graduation, where she furthered her education at a variety of companies from small, family-owned businesses to a professional accounting firm with well-known high-profile clients.

“Precise” best describes Diane.


Kevin Komarek - Data Services Specialist

As a former consultant for Beyond Hello, Kevin joined us with a strong understanding of our business, and uses his experience as a database manager and application developer to provide support and direction for our clients’ data management and reporting needs.

“Analytical” best describes Kevin.

Account Management

Every client works closely with a designated Account Manager, who oversees every aspect of their program from start to finish. Their relationship with the client starts with identifying program goals and developing evaluation forms based on key service points and continues in a support capacity for the duration of the partnership.

The Account Manager prepares the scheduling team by clarifying client expectations and explaining project specifications (mystery shopper requirements and scenarios). Our schedulers are the "masters of selection and timing," and are responsible for coordinating the right mystery shopper at the right time. They follow through and follow up to ensure scheduled projects are conducted according to specifications and to ensure project deadlines are met.


Natalie Werla - Account Manager

Natalie’s background in retail management and customer service coupled with strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude, prepared her well for responsibilities that require a high degree of individualized attention and assistance.​

"Supportive" best describes Natalie.


Tasha Haefner - Account Manager

Tasha returns to our Company, bringing along strong organizational skills, a direct approach to problem solving, and 9 years of prior experience with Beyond Hello to help her effectively tend the needs of our valued clients in a fast-paced environment.​

"Productive" best describes Tasha.


Lisa Sowls - Account Manager

Since joining Beyond Hello in 1999, Lisa's excellent communication skills, proactive approach, and a focus on continuous improvement have contributed to the formation of extremely positive and long-lasting client partnerships..

“Perceptive” best describes Lisa.


Lorie Sweet - Account Manager

Lorie’s obsessive attention to detail, her management experience and journalism background, and an MBA in International Business prepared her well to work with a diverse group of client programs.

“Constructive” best describes Lorie.

Quality Assurance

Our large, in-house Quality Assurance team is one feature that sets Beyond Hello apart from the competition. This creative group is comprised of individuals with a variety of communication backgrounds including journalism, education, marketing, and customer service.

Quality Assurance provides a critical link in the flow of information between the mystery shoppers and our clients. Every service evaluation is reviewed and proofed by at least two "eagle-eyed" members of the team as they ensure clarity and accuracy of information while guarding against ambiguity and contradiction. They carefully review evaluations before releasing them, so our clients receive easy-to-understand data that is ready for analysis.

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